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When Roghaia Mohammadi (34) left her home in Afghanistan, and then Iran, her dream was to “experience a peaceful, war-free life and get ahead by working hard and studying.” In pursuit of this dream, the mother of three has endured robbery, deportation, violence against her children, and separation from one of her sons. The most difficult part of her journey was in a smuggler’s car. “My son panicked and couldn't breathe. I begged the driver to stop... he told me he did not care if my son died, and that if he died, we would throw him out of the vehicle. I just cried and fanned my son with a piece of a cardboard box.” Now, as she seeks asylum in Greece, her thoughts are elsewhere: “most nights before bed or when I am alone, I think about my second son in Iran. I am physically here, but my soul was left in Iran.” Still, she finds hope. “Thinking about a better future for myself and my family helps me. I have always been a strong person, but this trip has made me even stronger.“


Refugee stories have always been told by outsiders. 1000 Dreams, a Witness Change project, supports refugees to tell their stories – their strengths, their challenges, their dreams – for themselves.

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